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South America

South America - Comparetofly

Entice your senses with the vibrant, eclectic, and enthralling beauty of South America. This charismatic continent is synonymous with effervescence, fun, and frolic. Discover the mystical city of Machu Picchu, hidden within the verdant Peruvian mountains, delve into the mighty jungle of the Amazon, or witness Angel Falls of Venezuela, the highest waterfalls in the world. South America, with its unfathomable natural beauty, is undoubtedly a traveler's delight. With its snow-capped mountains, opulent jungles, mesmerizing deserts, stunning glaciers, and spectacular beaches, South America, is undoubtedly a hypnotizing destination. The must-see attractions of this exquisite land include the surreal Iguazu Falls between Argentina & Brazil, the tantalizing Galapagos Islands in Ecuador, fascinating Lake Titicaca in Bolivia, and the renowned Christ the Redeemer statue in Brazil. Entwine all the fascinating experiences of the lively carnivals of Rio de Janeiro, the serene Santa Marta beaches, and the ethereal Sacred Valley of Incas, to bring home some intriguing memories to last for a lifetime.

Most popular countries in South America

Argentina Peru
Brazil Paraguay
Chile Guyana
Colombia Islands
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