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Cheap Flights Philippines

Cheap Flights to Philippines

The Philippines is a wondrous kingdom. It is a mélange of glittering beaches, magical tribal villages, charming rice fields, blazing volcanoes, stupefying peaks, busy cities, and more. With the sun shining the year-round, this land is an awesome holiday destination, especially for the water sport aficionados.

Smiling hosts and colorful jeepneys await visitors as they land from a direct flight to Philippines. The Philippines style of hospitality never fails to excite visitors of all age groups.

What to do in the Philippines?

An archipelago of 7,107 islands, the country of Philippines is synonymous with Tanduay Rum, Tuba (coconut wine), karaoke, tarsiers (smallest monkey on earth), whale sharks, Barong Tagalog (a type of dress for men), the Ifugao tribe and more. A holiday in the Philippines must include a visit to the following tourist destinations:

  • Luzon Island: The largest island in the Philippines, Luzon, is the political & the economic center of the country. Home to the country's capital city, Manila, the island is known for its volcanoes (The Pinatubo, The Taal and Mount Mayon), rice terraces in its northern region, the stunning cities of Subic Bay & Angeles City, and the Metro Manila.
  • Manila City: This city needs special mention as it has in store an array of attractions and activities for all its visitors. After landing from a direct flight to Manila, tourists can explore the remnants of the Intramuros including the San Agustin Church & the San Agustin Museum, the Bonifacio Shrine, the Baywalk Park, and the Quiapo Church.
  • Bohol Island: Revered for its tropical forests, tarsiers and the 'Chocolate Hills’, Bohol is a great destination for all the beach lovers.
  • Palawan Island: Acknowledged as a ‘Nature Sanctuary of the World’, the Palawan Island is the home to plush rainforests, gripping diving sites, grandiose mountains, ancient caves, and appeasing beaches. The must-visit sites of the island include The El Nido Marine Reserve, Sta. Lourdes Tagbanua, the underground river near Sabang and more.

By boarding a cheap flight to Philippines, travelers can explore an array of other tourist activities, such as:

  • Diving at Cebu City.
  • Walking through the tropical rainforests of Mindanao.
  • Island-hopping at Visayas.
  • Basking on the pristine beaches of Boracay.

Interesting Facts about the Philippines:

  • The Philippines is the home to over two hundred volcanoes.
  • Roberto Del Rosario, a native of the Philippines, invented Karaoke.
  • The Reticulated Python (Python Reticulatus) found in the Philippines, is the world’s longest snake and largest reptile.
  • The Philippines is the only Christian nation in entire Asia.
  • The Philippine flag, displayed differently in times of peace & war, has the blue side on top during peace and the red side on top during war. No country in the world changes its flag like this.
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