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Cheap flights Nicaragua
The Heartland - Nicaragua

The mesmerizing country of Nicaragua is a land of lakes, volcanoes, mountains, rivers, rain forests, and beaches. From mountain & road biking to visiting colonial buildings and from horseback riding to lazing on the beach, there is a lot to do in this charismatic country.

Nicaragua, the 'Land of Lakes and Volcanoes' is the largest country in the Central American isthmus. It is the home to two big lakes - Lake Managua & Lake Nicaragua and a chain of volcanoes. Bordered by Honduras to the north and Costa Rica to the south, Nicaragua entwines an unforgettable experience for the traveler.

Booking flights to Nicaragua gives travelers a chance to visit a plethora of attractions including the beautiful Lake Nicaragua which is the biggest lake of Central America and the home to the only fresh-water sharks in the world!

This hypnotizing country is a unique combination of the old and the new. Managua, the capital city of Nicaragua, is a modern city and houses all contemporary facilities while the colonial cities of Leon & Granada preserve their old-world charm. These colonial cities with their small colorful houses & narrow streets are a big contrast to the massive shopping malls and swanky hotels of the capital city.

The Must-Visit Sites of Nicaragua:

From sport fishing to hiking and from lazing on the sea beach to indulging in local sightseeing, there is a lot that Nicaragua has in store. Direct flights to Nicaragua help travelers from the world over to explore this mesmerizing country.

A trip to Nicaragua must include:

  • Managua: The capital city of Nicaragua, Managua is the home to many museums, parks, and historical sites. Travelers must not miss the Masaya Volcano at the Masaya National Park, Laguna de Apoyo, Chocoyero Natural Reserve, La Antigua Cathedral de Managua, and Montelimar beach.
  • Granada: The must-visit sites of this vivacious city include the tower at Iglesia de La Merced, Antiquo Convento San Francisco Museum, and more.
  • Leon: This vibrant city with colorful houses is the home to the active volcano Cerro Negro. Museo de Leyendas y Tradiciones and Fundacion Ortiz are worth paying a visit.
  • Corn Islands: The Big Corn Island and the Little Corn Island, together known as the Corn Islands, offer visitors white sandy beaches, turquoise blue waters, and amazing coral reefs.

With our varied options of cheap flights to Nicaragua, visitors with more time in hand must also include in their itinerary:

  • The hypnotizing Ometepe Island.
  • The exciting town of San Juan del Sur.
  • The enthralling island of Pearl Keys.

For the Foodies and Shopaholics

Nicaragua offers a range of delicacies from its national dish Gallo Pinto to mouth-watering tortillas. This country well-known for various dishes prepared from corn including Nacatamal & Indio Viejo and drinks namely Pinolillo & Chicha, is a true delight for the food lovers.

For the shopping freaks the country has an array of shopping malls including Galerias de Santo Domingo, Multi Centro Las Americas, & Metrocentro Mall and some shopping areas, such as, Mercado Oriental and Mercado Roberto Huembes.

Interesting Facts about Nicaragua:

  • Nicaragua has two ocean coasts - the Atlantic coast and the Pacific coast.
  • Lake Nicaragua is the largest natural lake of Central America. It is the home to more than 430 volcanic islands and a unique range of fish, some of which don’t exist anywhere else in the world.
  • Nicaragua is home to the world’s only “Dual Volcano.
  • There are no street names in the Nicaraguan address system. They use reference points to major landmarks.
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