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flights to Athens

Cheap Flights to Athens, Greece

Athens, the capital city of Greece since 1934, is situated at the basin of Attica. Primarily because of its strong historical background and picturesque beauty, it has become one of the most visited tourist destinations of Greece today. In 2004, the city has had the privilege of hosting Olympic Games with a great success. Also known as the important financial capital of Europe, Athens has grown at a fast pace over the years. Top-class infrastructure, good transport facilities, tourist friendly environment and many other factors make Athens responsible for huge footfall every year. Read on to know more about this magical city.

Rich History

Acropolis is the first name that comes to mind whenever there is a talk ab out Athens. Derived from two Greek words ‘acro (edge)’ and ‘polis (city)’, the meaning of the word acropolis is ‘city by the edge’. Amongst many other acropolises seen in Greece, Acropolis of Athens is the most popular. With a history dating back to 5th century, located at the center of the city on high rocky surface is the most visited monument of Athens – The Acropolis. Undoubtedly, Acropolis hill or the Sacred Rock is the most significant landmark in Athens. Every year people flock to this place from different parts of the world to admire the magnificence and beauty of this ancient land. Primarily dedicated to goddess Athena, Acropolis is the land of temples and monuments. Every site here has a strong historical background. Some of the popular attractions at the Acropolis are: Temple of Athena Nike, Hephaistion, Parthenon, Erechtheion, and the Acropolis Museum. Surely a must visit, Acropolis of Athens is a sheer example of unique architecture and classical art.

Depicting the true culture and history of Athens are other important sites in Athens such as: The Temple of Olympian Zeus, Hadrian’s Arch, Poseidon Templeand Ancient Agora.

Numerous Museums

A museum is a place that tells about the history, art and culture of the city. Apart from the historical sites, different museums of Athens too have historical facts to share. Visit any of the museums like: Byzantine Museum, Benaki Museum, Museum of Cycladic Art or the National Archeological Museum and get to know how the city has evolved over the period, book a flight to Athens to get a real view of this enchanting destination.

Picturesque Beauty

Situated at the height of 1000 ft, Lycabettus Hill is a perfect place to get the panoramic view of the city. Offering a beautiful view from the top, the place is perfect to capture memories forever. Other places offering scenic beauty and relaxed surroundings in and around Athens are Filopappos hill and Lake Vouliagmeni.

So without giving a second thought, if you wish to see and know about Ancient Greek Civilization, Athens becomes the obvious place to visit.

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